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Elegant Dancers
Dancing Salsa




Private lessons are invaluable for dancers of all levels as they provide individuals with the opportunity to receive personalised instruction focused solely on their specific needs. At SUPASTUDIOS, private lessons across Ballroom, Latin, and Sequence are scheduled on a weekly basis throughout the year to ensure consistent and uninterrupted instruction.


Once again, we understand the importance of flexibility in choosing the right private lesson options. Therefore, we offer 5 standard private lesson durations along with their corresponding rates:


• 30 Minutes: £20

• 45 Minutes: £30

• 60 Minutes: £40

• 90 Minutes: £60

• 120 Minutes: £80

Lessons can be arranged weekly or booked on a one-off basis.

Elegant Dancers
Competitive Dancing



We highly recommend that competitive dancers allocate a minimum of 30 minutes of private tuition per dance style each week to allow adequate time for focusing on specific areas of improvement, enabling them to master intricate choreography, perfect challenging dance elements and enhance performance quality, thereby giving them a competitive edge.

SUPAKIDS, whether aspiring to become competitive dancers or desiring to impress friends, can greatly benefit from a private lesson to further develop their skills.

Those in our SUPA-STRICTLY class can supplement their regular classes by taking private lessons. This will enable them to learn additional dances that may not be covered as extensively in group sessions and receive tailored feedback on specific techniques or choreography. Why not explore the Charleston or Argentine Tango?

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