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The waltz, a graceful and elegant ballroom dance, originated in the 19th century. It's characterized by its smooth, gliding movements and flowing turns.


Danced in 3/4 time, partners move harmoniously across the floor, creating a sense of timeless romance. The dancers' frame, where they hold each other, is a distinctive aspect, with the leader guiding the follower through sweeping motions and pivots.


The waltz encapsulates the charm of a bygone era, enchanting audiences with its poise and sophistication.


The tango, a passionate ballroom dance, originated in Argentina and gained global popularity. Danced with intense chemistry, it exudes drama through sharp, staccato movements and close embraces. The dance's intricate footwork and dramatic pauses create an aura of tension and sensuality. Partners communicate through intense eye contact and synchronised steps. The tango's fusion of fiery expression and precise technique results in a captivating display of raw emotion, portraying the complex interplay of desire, power, and connection on the dance floor.

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The cha-cha-cha, a vivacious latin dance, originates from Cuba. Distinguished by its syncopated steps and infectious rhythm, it's a playful and energetic dance. Partners engage in dynamic hip movements and quick footwork, creating a lively and engaging performance. The dance's flirtatious essence encourages creative expression and interaction between dancers. With its roots in Latin American culture, the cha-cha-cha captures the spirit of celebration and movement, inviting participants to immerse themselves in its spirited tempo and exuberant motions on the dance floor.

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The jive, an energetic latin dance, derives its roots from swing and rock and roll. It's characterised by its lively and upbeat tempo, accompanied by sharp kicks and flicks. Dancers exude boundless energy, showcasing intricate footwork and dynamic movements. Partners syncopate their steps with infectious enthusiasm, creating a contagious rhythm that invigorates the dance floor.  The jive's carefree and exuberant essence encourages playful interaction and a joyful connection between dancers, making it a spirited and exhilarating addition to the world of ballroom dancing.

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The quickstep, a lively and exuberant ballroom dance, emerged in the early 20th century. Marked by brisk footwork and syncopated rhythms, it's a joyful and energetic dance that often incorporates hops, skips, and quick turns. Partners glide across the floor in sync, maintaining a lively connection and intricate choreography.  The quickstep's essence lies in its vivacious tempo and playful charm, captivating audiences with its dynamic movements and sense of effervescent celebration. It embodies the spirit of motion and merriment within the realm of ballroom dancing.

Competitive Dancing

The Argentine tango, a captivating ballroom dance, hails from Buenos Aires. It's a sultry and improvisational dance marked by intense connection and intricate footwork. Dancers revel in close embraces, creating an intimate dialogue of movement. The dance encourages spontaneous creativity and deep expression, as partners communicate through nuanced shifts of weight and subtle gestures. The Argentine tango's essence lies in its sensual energy and profound connection, reflecting a mesmerising fusion of emotion and artistry that evokes the spirit of passion and intimacy.


The samba, an electrifying latin dance, originates from Brazil. Known for its vibrant energy, it blends African rhythms and Latin flair. Dancers embrace lively hip action, quick footwork, and joyful bouncing motions. The dance exudes a festive atmosphere, encouraging freedom of expression and individual style. Partners engage in a rhythmic conversation, combining intricate moves with contagious enthusiasm. The samba's cultural roots resonate in its pulsating beats and spirited choreography, offering a dynamic and invigorating experience that invites participants to revel in its rich, rhythmic tapestr

Flamenco Dancer

The pasodoble, a dramatic latin dance, originated in Spain. Embodying the spirit of a bullfight, it's marked by bold, confident movements and intricate choreography. Dancers evoke the roles of the matador and the cape-waving torero, creating a compelling narrative. The dance's distinct rhythms and poses capture the intensity of the bullfight, with partners engaging in commanding footwork and dramatic pauses. The pasodoble's fusion of artistry and spectacle makes it a captivating showcase of passion and bravado, transporting dancers and audiences to the heart of Spanish culture.

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The foxtrot, a classic ballroom dance, emerged in the early 20th century. Known for its smooth and suave movements, it encompasses slow glides and quick steps.


Dancers exhibit an elegant connection while moving gracefully across the floor. Partners create a harmonious dialogue through their subtle cues and synchronized motions.  This dance captures the allure of timeless romance and refined partnership, rendering a captivating portrayal of grace and style on the dance floor.

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The Viennese waltz, a captivating ballroom dance, emerged in 18th-century Vienna. Distinguished by its rapid tempo and sweeping turns, it's an elegant and spirited dance.


Partners glide across the floor in continuous rotation, showcasing graceful twirls and fluid movements. The dance demands impeccable timing and synchronicity, as dancers navigate the brisk tempo with finesse.


The Viennese waltz invites dancers and spectators alike to revel in its enchanting whirlwind of music and movement.

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The rumba, a captivating latin dance, hails from Cuba. Known for its sensuality and romantic allure, it embodies a story of love and passion. Dancers engage in slow, controlled movements with expressive hip motion and intricate footwork.  The dance's intimate connection and emotional depth create a captivating narrative between partners.


The rumba's fusion of elegance and intensity draws participants into a realm of connection and emotion, allowing them to convey a tale of desire and affection through the subtlety of movement and expression.

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Sequence dancing is a structured style of ballroom dance where predefined patterns or sequences of steps are followed by all dancers. It's a social and inclusive form of dancing, often seen in group settings. Participants perform the same set of steps in synchronisation, allowing for a sense of community and shared enjoyment.  Sequence dances encompass various styles, from waltzes to foxtrots, each with its own set sequence of steps. This style offers a harmonious blend of individual expression within a collective framework, making it accessible and enjoyable for dancers of all levels.

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