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Please complete separate enrolment forms for each individual attending SUPASTUDIOS.

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Here at SUPASTUDIOS, we are proud to offer Ballroom dancing classes suitable for dancers at all levels. Whether you're taking your first steps, mastering your craft, or anywhere in between, we have something for you. Our classes are held on a weekly basis, aligning with the Cambridgeshire school terms, and the specific class dates will be communicated in advance through our dedicated WhatsApp community and other communication channels. The cost for each class is a standard fee of only £10.  Additionally, we are delighted to offer SUPAPRACTICE at an even lower rate of just £5. 


At SUPASTUDIOS, we understand the importance of flexibility in choosing the right enrolment option. Therefore, we offer two choices:

  1. Pay-as-you-go member – As a pay-as-you-go member, you have the freedom to attend classes on a session-by-session basis. Simply bring cash payment with you to each class, and you're all set to join in the dance fun.

  2. Half-termly sign-ups – By enrolling in our half-termly sign-ups, you can take advantage of receiving one class completely free of charge every term.  It is important to note that by choosing this option, you will be automatically rebooked for the next term's classes unless you inform us of your cancellation or decision to switch to the pay-as-you-go membership before the start of the next term.


Please note that any missed classes within the half-termly sign-up option are non-refundable. However, if you decide to join us mid-term, the fees will be prorated based on the remaining classes in that term.

Our classes are as follows:


Tuesday: Competitive Members Training Evening

6pm-7pm SUPATECHNIQUE – This class is highly recommended for all competitive dancers aged 10 and above who wish to enhance their Ballroom and Latin technique. Under expert guidance, you'll receive valuable instruction and insights to refine your skills and elevate your performance.


7pm-8pm SUPAPRACTICE – Designed for competitive or aspiring competitive dancers, this supervised practice session provides a supportive and vibrant environment to practice and reinforce what you've learned. It's an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your movements and gain consistency in your performances. Additionally, occasional workshops may be conducted during this class to offer valuable insights and further enhance your dancing abilities.


8pm-9pm SUPAPERFORMANCE – This exclusive class is reserved for our elite-level competitors who have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication. This intensive and energising hour focuses on mastering the craft of Latin dancing at the highest level. Participation in this class is strictly by invitation only, ensuring a dynamic and inspiring learning experience for our most advanced dancers.


Friday: Social Members Learning Evening

6pm-7pm SUPAKIDS – This class provides the perfect introduction to Ballroom dancing for children under 12 with little to no dancing experience. Led by experienced instructors, your child will learn their first Ballroom dancing steps while immersing themselves in a fun and engaging environment.


7pm-8pm SUPA-STRICTLY – Whether you come alone or with a partner, this class is designed for anyone aged 18 and over who has little to no Ballroom dancing experience. Join skilled instructors as they guide you through the essentials of Ballroom dancing in a relaxed and social setting. From the fierce Tango to the lively Jive, you'll discover the joys of Ballroom dancing and gain confidence on the dance floor.

Please indicate below the classes you would like to sign up for by ticking the appropriate boxes:

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are invaluable for dancers of all levels as they provide individuals with the opportunity to receive personalised instruction focused solely on their specific needs. At SUPASTUDIOS, private lessons across Ballroom, Latin, and Sequence are scheduled on a weekly basis throughout the year to ensure consistent and uninterrupted instruction.


Once again, we understand the importance of flexibility in choosing the right private lesson options. Therefore, we offer 5 standard private lesson durations along with their corresponding rates:


• 30 Minutes: £20.

• 45 Minutes: £30.

• 60 Minutes: £40.

• 90 Minutes: £60.

• 120 Minutes: £80.


Here are our private lesson recommendations:


We highly recommend that competitive dancers allocate a minimum of 30 minutes of private tuition per dance style each week to allow adequate time for focusing on specific areas of improvement, enabling them to master intricate choreography, perfect challenging dance elements and enhance performance quality, thereby giving them a competitive edge.


SUPAKIDS, whether aspiring to become competitive dancers or desiring to impress friends, can greatly benefit from a private lesson to further develop their skills.


SUPA-STRICTLY dancers can supplement their regular classes by taking private lessons. This can accelerate their progress into the SUPAPROGRESS class or enable them to learn additional dances that may not be covered as extensively in group sessions. Why not explore the Charleston or Argentine Tango?

Please indicate below the private lessons you would like to request by ticking the appropriate boxes:

What is the total amount of private lesson time you would like each week?
Across which dance styles?
Please check the boxes to indicate which time slots you/your child has availability

We will directly communicate the scheduled times for all private lessons with you. Please note that if you have any special requirements for a lesson, such as the need for a lesson with another member of SUPASTUDIOS where the fee will be divided between both participants, please contact us directly to make the necessary arrangements. Furthermore, it is important to emphasise that we have a minimum notice period of 24 hours for any cancellations of private lessons. This requirement allows us to make the necessary adjustments. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in being charged the full fee for the lesson. SUPASTUDIOS reserves the right to waive this rule at its discretion in exceptional circumstances.


Events, such as workshops, balls, and competitions, will be communicated in advance to the relevant participants through our dedicated WhatsApp community and other communication channels.


At SUPASTUDIOS, we issue invoices at the conclusion of each calendar month, and all fees must be paid in advance or by the due date indicated on the invoice, either through cash or bank transfer. Since many of our members choose the half-termly sign-up option for class enrolment, which often spans across multiple months, you will receive an invoice for your classes at the end of the calendar month in which the term began.

Do you / does your child have any physical or mental conditions or allergies?
If your child, who is under 16 years of age, brings prescribed medication such as an inhaler or EpiPen to class, do you grant permission for our staff to administer it in case of an emergency?
Do you consent to SUPASTUDIOS capturing images or video footage of you or your child for promotional purposes during classes, lessons, and events?

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to inform us promptly of any changes to your or your child's circumstances, including contact details or medical conditions.

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